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Agrarian / "Ejidos" 
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Agrarian ("Ejidos", Ranching /Farming , Forestry, Other)

"Ejidos". Public agrarian land can be dedicated by the Mexican government for use by agrarian communities known as "Ejidos" which are created by federal law and Presidential Decree. Here a agrarian community is created and given the use and possession (not ownership) of certain land. This land is divided into communal (held in common by the members of the "ejido") or "parcelas" (parcels) which are held by individuals (members of the "ejido") for their personal farming use.

The traditional sole purpose of this "ejido" land is farming (mostly)or ranching (very little). It is not to be sold or encumbered in favor of non-members (especially foreigners) for use as an industrial, commercial or residential site.

In recent years, the "ejidos" have been losing political importance and as such, the Federal Mexican Government has seen fit to permit the dis-incorporation of "ejidos" via a dis-incorporation process through the Federal Agrarian Attorney Generalship (approved in a law dated 1992). At the end of the process the "ejido" members are the owners of their parcels, which they can then encumber, lease, sell or mortgage.

Ranching and Farming. Private agrarian land can be used for ranching and farming purposes and held and owned by Mexico's'' farmers and ranchers. In order for foreigners to participate in the ownership of this type land, a special type Mexican corporation is to be set up, in which they (foreigners) can own up to 49% of the "T" series stock.

There are land size limitations as follows:

1. Agricultural land owned by individuals can not normally exceed 100 hectares (247 acres) per individual of irrigated land. Agricultural land owned and used for cotton can not exceed 150 hectares ((371 acres) of irrigated land. There are other specialized types of crops, like coffee, bananas and fruit which may contain larger limits, but not exceed 300 hectares (741 acres) of irrigated land.

2. Ranching land owned by individuals (to rise livestock) can not normally exceed the amount of land necessary to support (produce/raise) a maximum of 500 head of large farm animals (like cows) or its' equivalent in smaller animals.

3. Where the land in question is not irrigated or does not have certain water abundance but must rely upon other means of watering, such as just rain fall, and it is located in more arid areas of Mexico, it is possible the land may qualify for larger sections in some cases.

Forestry. Private agrarian land can be used for forestry purposes and held and owned by Mexican individuals. In order for foreigners to participate in the ownership of this type land, a special type Mexican corporation is to be set up, in which they (foreigners) can own up to 49% of the "T" series stock. Individual forest property can any type of timberland with the understanding that there is a limit of size ownership here as well. The sum of hectares that can be owned by one Mexican individual is 800 hectares (1,977 acres).

Colonization Districts. Very little known on its legislation or concept. The Mexican government can, from time to time, set up colonization areas (similar to home steading in the U.S.) in order to promote the growing of human population in a given remote area. It is possible to hold and own land in this area, but there are special rules that govern it, in addition to all the other rules normally applicable to ownership.

Other Rural Private Land. Certain private non-agrarian rural land or non-agrarian forestry land, which due to its nature, may be acquired in larger limits by Mexican individuals and foreigners, provided that the other normal rules are not circumvented. Case at hand would be a desert ecological zone not good for ranching, farming or forestry, where it is placed in a long term irrevocable title transfer bank trust.


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